Pictus 1.1.6 – Minor maintenance update

I just released a minor update to Pictus. It only fixes an issue in the viewer, so those who are only interested in thumbnails shouldn’t notice anything new in this version.

  • BUGFIX: Transparency was broken for 8-bit images.

8 responses to “Pictus 1.1.6 – Minor maintenance update”

  1. mrin says:

    I recently discovered Pictus. It’s the fastest image viewer I have seen on my low-end laptop. It was able to load a huge photo within a sec, when all others take about 3/4 sec. Browsing through a lot of photos are blazing fast. I loved it and it’s my deafult image viewer now. Thanks for making and sharing it for free.

    Can you please add the mouse click blowup feature? Basically it zooms a big image to 100% when you left click on the viewer and hold it. Then the parts which you can’t see now (as it’s zoomed) can be viewed by moving the cursor in that direction without lifting the first click. This is very convenient way to view/zoom an image. You can check out this feature in the XYplorer’s built-in image viewer.

  2. Not tried it yet, so if Pictus has these feature oops, my apology & let me wipe the mud off my face.

    Since i like your style of writing here an idea not seen in other similar “image/thumbnail viewers”.
    The ability NOT to just resize statically via a set of entered x/y numbers but to streeech the thumbnail within the explorer popup.

    Why?, This might be helpful even though one loses SOME quality/clarity in the preview but i think the main the reason one uses thumbnail viewers is to choose an image and if the x/y dimension settings are low lets say 160 by 160 it’ll load even faster than 320 by 320 yet one can stretch the 160×160 thumbnail to 320×320 and still have good image detail.
    Choices could be stretch vertically, horizontally, H/V equally, not below a certain size (i.e. icon size of 16×16), wheel click/right click to send the stretched image back to the predetermined x/y size.

  3. Rebeca says:

    Hello! I am trying to download the new version posted, and after clicking the exe file in the zip file, there is nothing happening… I tried with 64 bits and 32 bits, and just nothing happened… How can I get the application??

  4. CheSanches says:

    When I click on the link “Pictus Installer (recommended, both 32- and 64-bit)”(https://poppeman.se/wp-content/uploads/PictInst.exe), a message appears: “Forbidden You don’t have permission to access /wp-content/uploads/PictInst.exe on this server.” How can I get the application?

  5. gierschke says:

    Pictus Installer (recommended, both 32- and 64-bit)
    Pictus error by installation under Win XP 32-bit:
    Unable to register the DLL/OCX: RegSvr32 failed with exit code 0x3.
    Click Retry …”

  6. poppeman says:

    Downloading was temporarily broken (and WP didn’t feel like notifying me about comments, again) but that should already be resolved. Pictus doesn’t work on Windows XP anymore, but I’ve missed restricting that in the installer. I’ll look at presenting a more obvious error message there.

  7. duane says:

    Hi, great viewer. I love that I now can view psd files in explorer.
    However when I try to view RAW files (Canon CRW) I get a blank white screen. Can you provide support for RAW or is there a way I can turn that on? Win 8.1 64 bit.

  8. Mark says:

    Thanks so much! I wish I could throw you a couple Krona! <3 <3