Pictus 1.5.3 released

This version solves a security vulnerability and fixes a bug where the status and title bars didn’t always update.

8 responses to “Pictus 1.5.3 released”

  1. gerard says:

    not working at all. The only thing you see is a blank purple screen.

  2. Sergio says:

    Simple and practical almost perfect. If you could put spanish language, zoom in mouse pointer and maybe hotkey with info or metadatos. It will be a dream , my dream. Thank you

  3. vitr says:

    Exif orientation feature does not work unfortunately in my computer (windows 10), I did not find an option to change orientation manually. Otherwise, it would be the best picture viewer for me!

  4. Effendi says:

    Hi, i really love the minimalism of the pictus a pure viewer, but i ran into a problem or bug that came from 1.5.0 upto 1.5.3 which in some folder (“D:/” in my case) everytime i open a picture it always start from the first image sorted by name. Ex: i have 3 images, 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg, & no matter i choose to open 2.jpg or 3.jpg it always opened 1.jpg. But 1.4.0 works perfectly. Hopefully you can fix this.

  5. Enrique says:

    I have three files in a folder and only one is previewed. Not sure why. The one that gets previewed is about 30MB. The other ones (that do not preview) are about 90MB in size. Not sure if that’s the reason. It’s not a matter of waiting a little longer, as even if I wait for an hour they do not preview.

  6. jerksauce says:


    I d/l pictus64 and I have the same problem that Gerard has its blank as you can see.. NOT WORKING AT ALL

  7. jerksauce says:

    Hi I apologize, Pictus64 is working, I initially tried the 64bit zip not installer version. The installer version works, thanks so much… Also I needed to solve the PSD preview not enabled in windows 7,8,10 and this free solution solved the problem. I did scan for virus and found none, so I am very happy. The creator has blessed the entire world with a simple solution to a HUGE problem MS failed to address. thank you again…

  8. Claus says:

    A perfect little, simple picture viewer that can run multiple instances, even with psd’s. Finally I found it. Thank you for that.