Outlook not so good

I’ll start out by treating WordPress as an actual blog rather than a glorified news script by saying that I recently got a job. Because of this, the development for Pictus is currently at a stand-still and I can not at this time say whether or not things will stay like this in the long run. My current plan is to see if I’ll be able to start working again on Pictus in the semi-near future and if failing that, release it as open source. The latter is unfortunately unlikely to improve the situation much, as there are already countless well known and active FOSS projects that developers can contribute to instead. I’ll try to post an update in about a month or so with a more concrete decision.

I’ll try to end this post with a slightly more positive spin by posting a screenshot of the current development build. Not visible in this static image is that the toolbar fades away when the cursor isn’t near the toolbar location. Also, rendering was being rewritten to be fully hardware accelerated.
Early screenshot of the new overlay toolbar
Unfortunately, it’s quite far away from being release-worthy.

3 responses to “Outlook not so good”

  1. Frank says:

    How can I uninstall Pictus? It doesn’t show in “Add Remove Programs” in Windows 7. It seems to have written itself to my registry.

    The problem I’m having is that it doesn’t show the image. All I get is a blank Pictus screen.

    Thanks f help.

  2. poppeman says:

    Sorry for the late reply, your post got stuck in the spam filter.

    If you used the installer, it SHOULD show up in “Add/Remove Programs”. Otherwise it should be enough to associate some other program to view images (in “Default Programs”). The only stuff that gets written to the registry is the Add/Remove programs entry, file format associations and possibly the explorer thumbnail integration (only available when using the installer).

    Although hopefully you have already managed to solve this.

  3. Mina says:

    Hi there !
    I think The project was discontinued?

    i would like to have some feature like a way to set the maximum/Mini width and height of window
    A way to hide window caption title and icon I like it minimal
    Support of Archive and more

    But as a dead project I just have to thank you for your work