Pictus 1.2.0 released

A new version of Pictus is available. New stuff:

  • Keyboard shortcuts for 100% zoom (numeric 1) and reset zoom (0)
  • Updated libpng due to possible security vulnerability
  • Portable mode
  • Rendering improvements

To put Pictus in portable mode, just place a file named “Pictus.ini” next to the executable. Pictus should detect and use that file instead for settings instead of storing settings under AppData.

8 responses to “Pictus 1.2.0 released”

  1. Specular says:

    Awesome! Looking forward to trying it out 🙂

  2. Specular says:

    Just tested it and the portable mode works as expected, nice. I’ve added it to the Portable Freeware Collection [1] for voting, and with a couple votes it should be visible publicly.

    It might be useful to update the description on the Pictus page to reflect that development hasn’t actually halted, and what version/date the latest update is 😉


  3. ehat says:

    Looks really good. Few things missing for my taste:
    1. Open random image function – basically, a clone of IrfanView’s Ctrl+M mode.
    2. No option to open in fullscreen mode – it always opens in windowed mode.
    3. I prefer zooming with the mouse, and though I can set mousewheel to do that, I then lose the ability to move previous/next through the folder, as there is no keyboard function for this (can’t map this function to the mouse either, but keyboard is better).
    Still, despite those flaws, it is small and light, which is nice.

  4. Specular says:

    @ehat re 3: Pg Up/Down and Space/Backspace control navigation by default (I think Zeed image viewer was the same), but keyboard remapping is on the todo of features over on github which is great (cheers to poppeman for adding it). Wouldn’t call them flaws, but feature requests.

  5. ehat says:

    Yes, I see that the random function is already there – it is just hidden. That takes care of #1. I did in fact try Page Up and Page Down before writing the previous comment (I also tried Arrow Up and Arrow Down), but none of those worked. Trying Page Up and Page Down now, they do in fact work now. Regardless of whatever weird reason they didn’t previously work, that will take care of #3. Number 2 is something still outstanding though.

  6. lyx says:

    Very interesting viewer alternative. The two main reasons for me not switching over yet, are fullscreen support and keyboard remapping.

  7. poppeman says:

    @ehat re 2: Are you thinking about a “always open in fullscreen”-mode or is it enough if it remembers the last used mode? Currently Pictus only remembers if the window was maximized, not handling fullscreen is somewhat of an oversight on my part.

  8. ehat says:

    An always open in fullscreen mode would be my preference. If that is too hard to implement, I suppose the alternate option you mention (remembering that you last had it opened in fullscreen) would do the job. The main thing is that when I double click an image to open it, Pictus should open in fullscreen – how it does that is not really important.