Pictus 1.2.1 released

Pictus 1.2.1 fixes a crash bug introduced in the previous version. It also fixes a bunch of broken characters in the Swedish translation.

10 responses to “Pictus 1.2.1 released”

  1. Specular says:

    Btw is there an RSS feed link available somewhere for the blog? Would be convenient to subscribe for updates.

  2. poppeman says:

    My wordpress theme is old, horrible and hacky so it seems that the feed links are missing. https://poppeman.se/feed/ should work, I’ll look into generating those meta-tags properly.

  3. poppeman says:

    Alternatively, you can use a github feed like https://github.com/poppeman/Pictus/releases.atom

  4. Specular says:

    Thanks, the feed link works perfectly 🙂

  5. ehat says:

    Would be nice to see the sorting options get a command line switch, so I could setup different icons for Pictus to open with different sorting methods pre-selected.

  6. ehat says:

    Actually, it would probably be better to store the sort order in the pictus.ini file. That way, I could simply have multiple installs of Pictus, each one set to a different sort order (this is exactly how I run IrfanView).

  7. Federico says:

    I love this application. I can see photoshop thumbnails! thank you

  8. Federico says:

    i cannot see keyword embedded in psd so if i cannot search a specific keyword in explorer 🙁

  9. Steenis1 says:

    Yarrrgh! a pirates life for me!

  10. poppeman says:

    What you are asking for is really quite niche, but I can probably consider saving last used sort order in Pictus.ini. This is similar to what Windows Explorer does and should therefore not be much of a surprise to other users.

    Pictus does not (yet?) handle any metadata like keywords, and unfortunately I’m not aware of any (free) alternative that does implement this in a way that the rest of Windows can take advantage of. I have not recently looked into the technical details for Windows, but this is potentially a very large undertaking. Windows does have infrastructure for fairly advanced image codecs (Windows Image Component) that allows for metadata, but unfortunately the requirements are higher than what Pictus can currently support.

    I believe there are simpler ways to go and these higher requirements are not really an huge issue for many formats (such as for Photoshop images), but I don’t want to give anybody false hopes. The slightly positive angle here is that I once made an purely experimental remake of Pictus with metadata support, so there’s possibly some experience and code that I can reuse.

    Pictus is currently quite free for multiple meanings of the word, but I hope that doesn’t ruin that piracy lifestyle for you 😉